Preach the Word. Love the People. Live the Life.

At Noble Hill, this is what we do.

At Noble Hill, we focus on three things: Preaching the Word. Loving the People, and Living the Life Christ calls us to live. 

Preach the Word: Pastor Mark delivers Sunday morning messages to help us deal with Monday morning messes. Come and hear not only what the Bible says, but how it applies to your life. 

Love the People: When you love God, you will also love people. That is what we do. We love people where they are and help them to become what God wants them to be. 

Live the Life: Life is better together. We encourage each other. We pray for each other. We help each other to develop and live a godly life. 

Come and see. The difference is worth the distance. 

Service Times:
Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM

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